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July 25, 2010

3 for 1 Optical, Fanshawe Park Road, London, Ontario Canada

Got a thousand bucks to blow on a designer eyeglasses deal and get shtupped when they break? Shop at 3 for 1 Optical in London, Ontario – they’re there to take your money, treat you like dirt and provide no service whatsoever!

Walk into the shop where there is no one to help you because they’re too busy in the connected building beside the shop. Wait for awhile. Wait for a long time.  If you get tired of waiting, go next door and be verbally abused by the store owner; after all you’ve paid your money, she doesn’t want anything to do with you except for FREE she’ll berate you for having broken glasses and make up a price off the top of her head that will make you go somewhere else for service.


If you choose to wait, you can be treated like crap from the bitch-from-hell service assistant who knows nothing about anything but can leave you standing for another half hour while she leaves to “check with” the female owner. Expect a fictitious, over-inflated quote to get your glasses fixed. The bitchy, pretentious attitude is free.


Go someplace like Gregory’s Optical where you will almost faint from the difference in quality of service. They will not only help you with excellent customer service, they’ll fix your glasses or tell you who can fix your brand.  After they fix them, they give you an actual receipt for the repairs AND they will accept your debit payment, unlike 3 for 1 Optical who tells you they will only accept cash (although they let you use the debit machine on their desk when you forked over the thousand bucks to pay for the glasses….)(in fact the 3 for 1 owner themselves will even direct you to the BMO 50 feet down the plaza and then you can watch as your cash goes straight into his pocket and no, you can’t have a receipt! Maybe some Revenue Canada auditors should shop here? )

Our advice: Buy online at for your designer eyewear, or if you’ve got the cash the small independents like Gregory’s give you your money’s worth.

Consumer beware and contact the BBB about places when you’re being shtupped!

July 25, 2010

Puppy Mills ANYWHERE, but this one in particular today…

Stay away from – the “Pet Store” in Stratford on Corcoran Street!

The owner will proudly take you on tours of their makeshift “pet store” telling the world “Yes, I am a puppy mill!”and their “quarantine” area.

They think they’re in the animal business, what they’re NOT is qualfied in any veterinary sense to be keeping the ill ones in their back room instead of sending them to an animal clinic.

They lie to their customers and let the dogs die from malnutrition/ being taken from their mothers too soon, and that’s only what happened to me after we put a downpayment on a dog and went back to get it.

The owner’s wife is aggressive and violent when questioned and says the Perth SPCA “Are her best friends” where complaints being filed are concerned. Don’t buy their animals and for God’s sake, breeders, sell them privately and humanely! They’re famous for taking your *downpayment* and then accepting higher prices from other buyers. Suddenly, your dog is “dead” when you go in to get it!
If you go into these places and the animals look unhealthy, SPCA says to call them, that they aren’t allowed to go in without *cause*. But if SPCA is the “best friend” of the perpetrators, then don’t expect anyone to look after the animals’ health and welfare!

July 25, 2010 VISA

Don’t do it.

It’s not worth the hassle.

When you need help, you call the number and are on hold with East India. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist in the least, but part of the customer service problem that makes people leave companies like Bell Telephone is that we’re siphoned over to another country where their English is not English, it’s a quickly spoken mishmash of whatever English they’ve been taught in school. It’s not English, it’s something that is understood wherever they’re from. how many times have you tried to understand an Aussie or a Scotsman? It’s English, but it’s from an area of the world where only people who grew up learning to speak that dialect understand each other. The same goes for these stupid North American companies outsourcing their “customer service”.  Unrecongizable English plus your basic unclear phone connection equals a really bad experience. I have a really hard time understanding when I get rerouted to Southern parts of the States as well.

Y’know, companies trying to save money outsourcing outside of their general area might want to wake the eff up and realise they’ll make more money by taking care of their customer base by providing customer service in their own back yard.

I’ve had to call Vanilla Mastercard, they’re fine – you get somebody right here in North America. That, by the way for anybody having problems with phone companies who redirect you to East India, is a key to getting somebody who you can understand to help you: you have the right to demand to speak to “Someone in North America” – that gets you rerouted to the homeland.

So I get this giftcard as a gift and I find out they “withold” money. I don’t know why, but they keep it for 8 days and release it. I could probably tell you why but when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I couldn’t understand him either.

I’ve never had this problem before with these Vanilla Master or Visa cards and let’s face it, they’re damn handy to use on the internet to buy stuff you don’t want to use your regular card for for fear of being a victim of identity theft or whatnot.

My thought for the day: boycott anyone who outsources their customer service overseas, like this  and  bullcrap.

July 14, 2010

Country Club for Pets – London, Ontario Canada

This place is a mess, but this blog is about their phantom job hiring practices. I’m going to say that it’s to be expected when morons with no business sense start businesses and I’m going to add the usual “it’s a red flag” tag to it. If this is how they treat people, I doubt they can take care of your pet properly.

They put fake ads for kennel workers on free job boards. People apply – mostly teenagers because seriously, what dependable adult is going to want this job – and they’re offered interviews. This place is located 30 minutes from the centre of the city, so let’s keep logistics in mind. The interviews are scheduled a week or more in advance.

Half an hour before the scheduled interview, they call and cancel. The schpeel is “they’ve filled the position”. Without meeting all the great candidates whose time and hopes they’ve wasted? Yep.

Two days later their ad looking for more kennel workers is up again.

Their setting up and dumping interviews practice has been going on for YEARS. Numerous applicants are calling to find out why they were left a message cancelling the interview while they were en route. No one answers the phone, no messages are returned. Don’t bother emailing, the response is aboherrently rude and inappropriate for a “business”.

The lesson in it? They’re not really hiring, so don’t bother.