3 for 1 Optical, Fanshawe Park Road, London, Ontario Canada

Got a thousand bucks to blow on a designer eyeglasses deal and get shtupped when they break? Shop at 3 for 1 Optical in London, Ontario – they’re there to take your money, treat you like dirt and provide no service whatsoever!

Walk into the shop where there is no one to help you because they’re too busy in the connected building beside the shop. Wait for awhile. Wait for a long time.  If you get tired of waiting, go next door and be verbally abused by the store owner; after all you’ve paid your money, she doesn’t want anything to do with you except for FREE she’ll berate you for having broken glasses and make up a price off the top of her head that will make you go somewhere else for service.


If you choose to wait, you can be treated like crap from the bitch-from-hell service assistant who knows nothing about anything but can leave you standing for another half hour while she leaves to “check with” the female owner. Expect a fictitious, over-inflated quote to get your glasses fixed. The bitchy, pretentious attitude is free.


Go someplace like Gregory’s Optical where you will almost faint from the difference in quality of service. They will not only help you with excellent customer service, they’ll fix your glasses or tell you who can fix your brand.  After they fix them, they give you an actual receipt for the repairs AND they will accept your debit payment, unlike 3 for 1 Optical who tells you they will only accept cash (although they let you use the debit machine on their desk when you forked over the thousand bucks to pay for the glasses….)(in fact the 3 for 1 owner themselves will even direct you to the BMO 50 feet down the plaza and then you can watch as your cash goes straight into his pocket and no, you can’t have a receipt! Maybe some Revenue Canada auditors should shop here? )

Our advice: Buy online at ZenniOptical.com for your designer eyewear, or if you’ve got the cash the small independents like Gregory’s give you your money’s worth.

Consumer beware and contact the BBB about places when you’re being shtupped!


21 Comments to “3 for 1 Optical, Fanshawe Park Road, London, Ontario Canada”

  1. I agree you must have been shopping at the Masonville Store? Paul is the only one there that can make a decision in regards to your glasses. Paid $530 bucks for a pair of glasses and not able to see out the side (progressive lenses) I thought they were made incorrectly. Paul gets all pissed off says do you want distance or reading, that’s it! So need the distance for driving, so I said distance. I went back into pick them up and he still charges me for the progressive lenses, says company policy no refunds. So I pay and extra $150 ??? for something I never received.
    I’m don’t usually complain but the lack of service, the way they treated me, the length of time it took and the cost, I would never recommend anyone buy glasses at this store ever. It sure left a bad taste in my mouth and I’ll be much more careful where i purchase glasses in the future!
    They don’t want to provide you service they just want your money!

  2. I am very dissatisfied with 3 for 1 Optical located on Fanshawe Park Road in London, Ontario.

    Most of my complaints stem from the poor service provided and the lack of professionalism by the optician, Paul.

    While placing an order for contacts, I mentioned that I had previously purchased them online. Paul obviously felt that the best approach would be to berate me by making outlandish statements regarding the matter, saying, “That’s illegal. They are selling contraband. Several people have come in with abscesses in their eyes because of them and it’s 5 years before they can wear contacts again.”

    Then, when my order for contacts (a $90 purchase) was placed, I did not receive a receipt but a claim was filed electronically with our insurance company. My husband contacted the insurance company to check on a different claim and happened to ask about the deductible for eye care. He was told that my $600 claim for trifocal glasses was processed, so there was no deductible left for me. When my husband said the claim was incorrect, the agent informed him that I would have to resolve the issue with the optician and emailed us a copy of the claim, which was for $600 pair of trifocal glasses (meaning the insurance paid his office $345). At the optometry office, my husband asked Paul about the discrepancy. He dismissed the question and told us that the insurance company was wrong and had lied to us. My husband then showed him the email and he said something to the effect that he always submits it that way.

    Plus, we were assured more than once that the contacts ordered would be tinted (important to me, so I can find them if dropped). The first time I asked, was when I opened the sample pack, which was marked “tinted”, but they weren’t. I was told that the samples aren’t always marked correctly. Then, before opening a box of the new contacts, again I was told that if there was any problem, “just bring them back, even if the box is open, and we’ll exchange them for new ones.” So, when the order came, I opened them and they weren’t tinted, so I went back to the office again. I showed him a sample of a older contact that I had, which was tinted. Paul said he would get them replaced. Three weeks later, we went and asked if the replacements were in and the assistant said, “No.” That night, the assistant called to say the contacts had arrived. We went in the next day, she rummaged through a cupboard and came out with only one contact. (Later, I noticed that it was within days of expiring… this is what the company sent?) I was to call if this sample worked, which I did and I was told they would order them. The assistant called 2 days later, saying if we wanted to place the order, the price had increased from $90 to $150 “due to his (Paul’s) inconvenience.” I said that was unacceptable and to have Paul call me. When he called, as usual, he was arrogant and unreasonable, trying to make it seem like the whole situation was being caused by us. Not to mention, he wouldn’t reimburse me for the $90 contacts that I had purchased.

    We asked if he would meet with us. He decided we should meet at McDonald’s. At the appointed time, we waited 30 minutes and then went to his office. He had excuses again, and didn’t think to have one of his assistance walk a couple of doors down to tell us or even call us before we left home. He then walked us out to the parking lot and told us
    we would have to take the higher priced contacts (and pay the extra) or we could contact the company ourselves, because he “will no longer speak to us about this matter”.

    In all of my 71 years of life, I have never experienced such a horrendous situation in dealing with somebody in the service industry. We will NEVER be returning to the 3 for 1 Optical and we will be telling EVERYONE we know to stay away from the place!

  3. Went to 3 for 1 on Fanshawe and was basically lied to, cheated and ripped off from these nasty nasty people.
    They kept changing the prices after we submitted a deposit for 2 prescriptions for my wife and I.
    On top of that they said I`d be only getting 2 pair of glasses because I`m on ODSP.
    They`re getting the full price for the glasses anyway, so why am I only getting 2 pairs when they advertise 3 FOR 1???
    I was called a liar and yelled at on several occasions, as well as my wife witnessing a verbal assault on a customer from one of the owners.
    We went in there on Feb 2012 and still now almost June 2012 we still have not received our glasses due to incompetence from them in filling out forms!!
    I truly wish we had never went in there!!
    Do yourself a favor and stay well clear of these nasty crooks at 3 FOR !!!
    BTW, I read another review mentioning that they sell counterfeit frames!!

  4. This store is terrible. I was also appalled by the disrespect and rudeness of the owners and employees. I had issues with them last year, and the female owner was very abbrasive, and pretty much accused me of trying to steal from them. The male owner had offered to order my glasses, and told me I could pay him when I received the cheque from my benefits. I obviously agreed to this and was appreciative. The store called me to pick up my glasses, so I went to get them. The cheque hadn’t come in yet, and the male owner knew it would take a few weeks. When I arrived to get my glasses (as per our agreement), the female owner yelled at me and said nobody could take product without payment. I asked why the other owner had offered to do so then. She yelled at me further and basically accused me of trying to steal. I couldn’t believe I looked like the jerk. I never asked for a deal, he offered! Then she yells at me because he didn’t tell her that he had told me I could take the product?! I obviously wanted to cancel my order, since she was so disrespectful, but of course the items were final sale. I gave them the money for the glasses before I received the money from my benefits, as I didn’t want to be accused of being a thief. In total, it cost me $850 for lenses and contacts. A year later I went back to request they fix one pair of my lenses, as I had paid for a scratch resistant lense, and the lenses (on all 3 pairs) are so scratched, I can’t see out of them. I asked if the glasses were covered, and was told “I don’t know; just bring them in and we’ll tell you then”. I went in and the male owner said he’d order the lenses, not mentioning anything about a fee. He was very pleasant, as he had been the previous year. Since I was there, I mentioned that I needed more contacts. He had been nice to me previously, so I thought perhaps I would forgive and forget, figuring it had just been a big misunderstanding. I ordered the contacts through him (since I was already there and it made life easier). I received a call that my contacts/glasses were in a few days later. At this time, the employee told me that I owed them $130 for the lenses. I asked why nobody had indicated that there was a fee, and that I thought I had paid for a warranty. She told me I should’ve asked if it was covered (which I had), and accused me of not taking care of the lenses. She said the warrany was expired. She also told me she didn’t want to deal with me because she “remembered what I tried to pull last year”, and that I had to deal with the owner. I was livid, and went into the store to get my glasses. I wanted to know what she meant by her accusation. When I requested an explanation, I was directed to leave the store or warned I would be escorted out! I wasn’t even causing a scene! I was angry, but certainly NOT yelling or swearing. I demanded my glasses back and requested a refund for the contacts, informing her that I spent $1000 in their store in the last year, and twice now have been treated like a thief! She refused to refund me the money, and locked up my glasses and the contacts I had already paid for. I informed the employee I would not leave until she gave me the contacts I had already paid for, as well as the glasses that I OWNED. She then called 911! I wasn’t even yelling! I was in complete shock. These people are absolutely ridiculous and only care about stealing your money. The owner came to the store and said he couldn’t speak to why I was flagged as such a difficult customer, but he would take $100 instead of the $130 for the lenses. Seriously??? I demanded my old lenses and left. I was treated like complete garbage. I would never recommend anyone go there. You will be very disappointed, and likely humiliated.

  5. Husband walked in to replace lenses in frames he wanted to keep. Was told the lenses would be around $150. They charged through to our insurance provider. When my husband called to check how much he had left as his prescription had changed, we found out 3 for 1 had drained the entire $400 vision benefit. Called repeatedly. Lame excuses about not having records blah blah blah. Now we have a credit to a place we do not want to go to. AVOID THIS PLACE LIKE THE PLAGUE!!


  6. Pretty clear from the store owners’ direct comments that customer service and being polite aren’t part of the 3 for 1 deal. Forewarned is forearmed – save your money or even better, go on ZenniOptical.com and get a truckload of great glasses for the price you’d pay with these losers. Zenni will ship them right to your door, the right prescription, nice case, within a week you have funky glasses to match every outfit if you want and you don’t contribute to the 3 for 1 owners’ lifestyles (while being treated like crap.) Their over-priced garbage will never be worth it. Zenni is especially great for parents with kids who tend to break or grow out of their glasses. Shop elsewhere-don’t give these obnoxious a-holes your money!

  7. ANOTHER RIPPED OFF CUSTOMER!!! I was told there was a guarantee if I was not happy with any pair of glasses ordered. I ordered a pair of glasses that had a smaller lens and was told they could make the lens bigger and if I wasn’t happy, they’d give me another pair. When they came in, I was unable to use them because they were small and I have bifocals. When I returned the glasses, Kaitlyn told me, no problem, just pick out another pair of frames. I was very happy, thinking the guarantee was genuine. That was in February, 2013. It is now May 21. After dozens of phone calls, I finally received a call back from Lisa, Paul’s wife. Instead of calling my cell phone, she left a message on my machine at home and said that these glasses were made specifically for me and could not be returned. She suggested I give it some time to get used the new glasses as there is always an adjustment period with new glasses. I have likely been wearing glasses for as long as she has been alive and I know about getting used to new glasses. When you look up and down and don’t have any lens to see through, you’re not going to “get used to them”. After posting my review on several sites, I can see that I am not the only unsatisfied customer. They won’t stay in business long at this rate! They are already sharing staff with the doctor’s office next door, so you always have to wait for service in the store until they are done at the doctor’s office and have time to look after you.

  8. 3 for 1 Optical at Fanshawe and Richmond…Where do i start …well if you want to get ripped off …given bad advice…and then ripped off even more go there …Paul has no problem billing insurance companies more then what was purchased .I went in to get 3 pairs of glasses .Hence the name 3 for 1 .You would figure that you pay for the most expensive and the others for free( or at least cheaper).Well i was charged a $1000 for a pair of sunglasses and 2 pairs of cheap frame glasses with made in china stamped right on them .I called Paul and asked to get this fix .His response was that he was in the right and that what he charged me was what they cost .I compared with other companies near there and i was told that it was almost half the price if i went with them .Paul will do anything to make a quick Buck …..I have called him many times to get this fixed and he has not returned any of my phone calls .SO word to the wise ….DO NOT SHOP THERE !!! unless you want to pay more then what your insurance covers and get ripped off .

  9. I’ve been a patient of Masonville optometry which is where the 3 for 1 store is located. I was berated at for not having my red and white health card on me which they have already in my file, I offered to drive home- since i live 5 minutes away and come right back – the brunette old lady with glasses started to yell and tell me i need to have it on me and wanted me to pay $100 for eye test. I took what was left of myself and got my card and recieved my eye exam at the lens crafters at the mall. Stay away from thiss horrible person and her rudeness.

  10. They rip me off 3 for 1 I am not happy with this I got 3 glasses for me and my dad !! So they got my prescription all good and my dad they got he’s prescription wrong ! So when I when pick it up my dad glasses we came back home he try it on was the wrong vision was a glasses for read and why my that don’t need that type of glasses he song read English at all all he need is driving glasses to see far distance ! I pay 600 for 3 glasses and now they want to charge me 150 dollars extra they the one do mistake on my dad glasses !

  11. ZERO star for 3 for 1 optical on fanshaw do not go there they ripped people off Lisa the owner she’s very rude person !! bad service stay away from them !! SCAMMER !!

  12. ZERO star for 3 for 1 optical on fanshaw do not go there they ripped people off Lisa the owner she’s very rude person !! bad service stay away from them !! SCAMMER !!

  13. NOT happy… Just found out that I have to wait another year to get my sons eyes tested…. NOW because they were sooo rude to my son… and he was scared that he wouldn’t even talk to the lady… I told her he didn’t know his abc or numbers as he just turn 3…. she didn’t listen and yelled at him… to just point then if you don’t understand…… TOLD me to book another appointment when my son was more cooperative and understand his number or abc… HOW RUDE>>> calling and placing a formal complaint as he didn’t get properly tested they shouldn’t have got paid. Went somewhere else that specializes in children’s eye and being friendly and respectful…

  14. Ripped off by Paul Debellis and Lisa Jackson that own 3 for 1 optical AND masonville optometry. . Any cash sales goes straight into their pockets. Biggest crooks out there. Terrible service, even worse of people. I’ve been dealing with an on going issue with them for 4 months, the CRA has already been notified that these people are criminals. I’ve spoken with the College, and there are complaints about Paul Debellis and Lisa Jackson. They send in false insurance claims, and lie straight to your face when you confront them about it.

    They wont be in business much longer ,KARMA for everything you’ve done is a wonderful thing you two!!!!!
    They are also raking in the $$ by owning the childrens walk in clinic connected to the eye shop. These people have zero people skills, and can only believe that the rest of the people working with these two are crooks to!

  15. thank you all for your comments…. i live around the corner from this place… just got my new prescription yesterday and was fully planning on going to this store.. you know… the local thing… am not pleased at all with hakim in masonville, (last two sets of glasses) thought i would try this one,,, guess now…. again.. thank you all for saving me a headache

  16. Reply to 3 for 1!! I was sold a brand of contacts that contained latex (after I mentioned my allergy numerous times was assured these were fine) my eyes swelled shut while driving down a major highway with my infant and toddler daughters in back seat almost crashing and having to go to emerg for a severe allergic reaction I went to get my money back (I still had the full box minus a couple pairs) but no I was be littled plus charged 90$ for a “appointment” lmao I refused to pay and they did nothing for me no money back nothing insisted I pay to see the eye doctor and they would “look into it” bullshit!

  17. DON’T EVER GO TO 3-FOR-1 OPTICAL, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF!!! We walked into his second location on Hyde Park Road, thinking that we are going to get glasses for a good deal, hence the name: 3 for the price of one. We paid the owner the money for 3 pairs of glasses, not owing ANYTHING. Later on he showed us the receipt which showed that more money on top of what we paid on the receipt which meant we owed him money. And on top of that we didn’t even receive the glasses! Don’t ever EVERRR go to this store, no matter the deal! The owner will cheat… FRAUD!!! BEWARE.

  18. I purchased three pair of glasses in July 2014. Three months later the right arm of the Hilary Radley pair was in two pieces in my hand while cleaning the lenses. The arm has clear then pattern, plain to see the reinforcing pin holding the two together was absent. Quality control, there is a reinforcing pin in the left arm. I took them in for a replacement arm. I kept checking back and every time told the whole line was being revamped. What part of revamped would not tell you there will never be a replacement arm. Two months later I was told they sent them to there lab for a temporary fix to get them back for me to use. This was a bad crazy glue fix that I could have done myself. Again all contact has been made by me, only to be told the whole line is being revamped. I told Paul that I got the feeling that he hopes I just go away, and that I was going to write a review. All he said was well there you go. That conversation was a month ago, and I have had it with 3 for 1 Optical. I could take a line out of a Gretchen Wilson song. You can get the same damn thing at the Walmart store half price. And they come with a twelve month replacement guarantee.

  19. I’ve been into the store in the masonville area, have also been to the walk in clinic as well And noticed A lady named Lisa I believe she said, she must be the manager because she doesn’t treat her staff or customers very well. Will never be going back there again. Very very rude.

  20. They are not reputable business…they try to say they are an Oakley dealer but we checked with Oakley and they are not…We waited 25 days to get nothing and they would not return our money 610 dollars so we had to deal with the bank and insurance company to get our money returned to us…The owner basically told us after they lied and said they sent them to Oakley that he got them off a truck and his supplier does all the work….WHAT THE HECK IS THAT…WE ORDERED OAKLEY NOT A KNOCK OFF..We had to get the police involved as I guess they are hard up for money and they wouldn’t return our money….Stay away from 3 for 1 as as far as we are concerned they are scams and do not represent the true facts when they are taking your money. …

  21. Called them an asked if they would be able to give my son a Eye Exam (Considering they’re apart of the After Hours Emergency Clinic) they said they would be able too. I stopped what i was doing and took my son there right away. 15 mins later i arrived only to be standing there waiting for service. The three clerks were sitting behind the counter talking about Christmas shopping. So after about 10 mins of talking they decided to ask me what i needed.

    I told them i just called and asked about getting my son in for an exam, The people behind the counter shrugged off anything i had to say. They said we dont want to do the exam because it’s after six. and that i should be be coming in earlier in the day to do this. When clear 15 mins ago they told me to come in to get the exam done.

    I was frustrated but i had my son with me so i kept my cool. I told them i would take my serivce somewhere else. Without missing a beat the Man behind the counter said our money is good enough anyway.

    This place is very dirty if you look at the walls where all the glasses are help you can see lots of dirt all along the bottom and sides of these things it’s not hard to miss they’re a good 6-8 inches in size.

    I would never ever suggest this place to anyone if you are looking at this place then i suggest the other 4 optometrists in the area, I took my son to Lens Crafters across the street in the mall and was taken care of right away.

    So thanks for wasting my time/life with your joke of a store. You should be thankful of your customers and not so disrecpectful

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