Don’t do it.

It’s not worth the hassle.

When you need help, you call the number and are on hold with East India. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not racist in the least, but part of the customer service problem that makes people leave companies like Bell Telephone is that we’re siphoned over to another country where their English is not English, it’s a quickly spoken mishmash of whatever English they’ve been taught in school. It’s not English, it’s something that is understood wherever they’re from. how many times have you tried to understand an Aussie or a Scotsman? It’s English, but it’s from an area of the world where only people who grew up learning to speak that dialect understand each other. The same goes for these stupid North American companies outsourcing their “customer service”.  Unrecongizable English plus your basic unclear phone connection equals a really bad experience. I have a really hard time understanding when I get rerouted to Southern parts of the States as well.

Y’know, companies trying to save money outsourcing outside of their general area might want to wake the eff up and realise they’ll make more money by taking care of their customer base by providing customer service in their own back yard.

I’ve had to call Vanilla Mastercard, they’re fine – you get somebody right here in North America. That, by the way for anybody having problems with phone companies who redirect you to East India, is a key to getting somebody who you can understand to help you: you have the right to demand to speak to “Someone in North America” – that gets you rerouted to the homeland.

So I get this giftcard as a gift and I find out they “withold” money. I don’t know why, but they keep it for 8 days and release it. I could probably tell you why but when I asked to speak to a supervisor, I couldn’t understand him either.

I’ve never had this problem before with these Vanilla Master or Visa cards and let’s face it, they’re damn handy to use on the internet to buy stuff you don’t want to use your regular card for for fear of being a victim of identity theft or whatnot.

My thought for the day: boycott anyone who outsources their customer service overseas, like this  and  bullcrap.


One Comment to “ VISA”

  1. I am sorry I didn’t find this before I got a prepaid gift visa card. I tried to purchase something at with this gift card, but the transaction was not completed, because they don’t accept prepaid cards. When I checked my account I saw that amount on hold, for some reason, even though the transaction at didn’t take place. I called the # on the back of the card to see what is going on with this stupid prepaid card and of course an east indian called Mac (!!!) said with a grosse accent that “bicuss dit amauntttd isz on holdt” I will have to wait 8 (EIGHT!!) days for them to restore it on my card. I asked for his last name and “Mac” said that he doesn’t have one. It’s against the company policy to have one. But I guess it is not against the company policy to be rude, unintelligible and idiot…
    People, stay away from prepaid visa cards from! They are a bunch of idiots!

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