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July 14, 2010

Country Club for Pets – London, Ontario Canada

This place is a mess, but this blog is about their phantom job hiring practices. I’m going to say that it’s to be expected when morons with no business sense start businesses and I’m going to add the usual “it’s a red flag” tag to it. If this is how they treat people, I doubt they can take care of your pet properly.

They put fake ads for kennel workers on free job boards. People apply – mostly teenagers because seriously, what dependable adult is going to want this job – and they’re offered interviews. This place is located 30 minutes from the centre of the city, so let’s keep logistics in mind. The interviews are scheduled a week or more in advance.

Half an hour before the scheduled interview, they call and cancel. The schpeel is “they’ve filled the position”. Without meeting all the great candidates whose time and hopes they’ve wasted? Yep.

Two days later their ad looking for more kennel workers is up again.

Their setting up and dumping interviews practice has been going on for YEARS. Numerous applicants are calling to find out why they were left a message cancelling the interview while they were en route. No one answers the phone, no messages are returned. Don’t bother emailing, the response is aboherrently rude and inappropriate for a “business”.

The lesson in it? They’re not really hiring, so don’t bother.